Cutting-Edge Vitality Protocols For Today's World

3 Easy Steps To Restore Peak Vitality:

Aging is an option

We know that exercise and good diet, low stress and (gratefully) plenty of sleep all contribute to good health. But what about optimum longevity?

Specific and tailored health protocols can help you maintain and restore the health of your 30s all the way through until your 60s and beyond. Register for our community updates and shared experiments in anti-aging. 

Don't simply allow aging to occur. There is so much that you can do today, simple things, easy things, that will help add significant longevity and vitality to your health. 

Element 1 

Stop Causing Unnecessary Damage

Element 2

Fortify Your Body’s Natural Ability To Rejuvenate

Element 3

Make Use Of New Methods For Radical Rejuvenation

Element 4

Cleanse Your System Of Dis-Ease Agents

Meet The Founders

Dedicated experimenters and investors into the new 35to65 Health Protocol for Longevity. Remember your vitality during early 20’s? Through the rise of radical health technologies, our vitality will surpass even that of our youthful prime.

Shane Melaugh

There’s nothing like giving myself a nice head start… so at 34 as of the launch of the site, I have almost a year head start to orient myself around the task at hand, ready to begin the countdown in September 2015.

I’ll cover absolutely everything and anything related to maintaining, restoring and rejuvenating health. With a focus on male health but there’ll be plenty for da ladies too…

Without taking urgent self-responsibility for maintaining your health, all the pills, potions, apps and technology can do nothing for you.

Gavriel Shaw

Shane Melaugh

3 years into the race, at 38 I am a perpetual student biohacker with no time to lose. is the dynamic digital vehicle I will use to hack my body, genetic code, mind, and spirit to ultimately attain optimal performance in all areas of my life.

From radical health experiments to the latest breakthroughs in nutrition or anti-aging, there will be something for everyone. So come root us on to a life-LONG journey to vibrant health, wellness, and youth as we age and “I’ll c you when you c me….”


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The community membership is currently free with experiment updates and feature reports made available privately. Big plans for the future. Get on board now if longevity is important to you.