It’s 30 minutes since my cold shower.

My body still feels exhilarated.

I’ve not done a cold shower for…. a few years.

Last year I did a ‘snow bath experiment’.

Then yesterday I saw a compelling article about the longevity benefits of cold water showers.

And there was no way I could look myself in the mirror if I simply continued to indulge in those cosy hot showers.

I needed to find my ‘metal’. My mental Iron Man suit. I do need more willpower and discipline. And I want the health benefits of skin and organ detox, better circulation, stronger immune system, and all things longevity 🙂


My adrenaline kicks into gear a little bit as

I adjust the shower setting down to cooooolllddd

I put it right at the minimum and start the water flow and freak a little bit at the coldness of the air (don’t you hate that cold air feeling too?)

I smiled at myself and inched the temperature gauge up 1 centimetre (i.e. ‘a touch above freezing’) and I went for it.

Gasping for air the shock to the body is instant and definite.

Hawb.. hawb… hawb….

went my soundless voice as if my body is drowning attempting to suck in air through the shock of the temperature.

Putting my head under the water flow is worse.

However, the temperature itself is surprisingly bearable.

And within a short eternity my mind chatter informs me ‘this isn’t so bad after all’. I laugh out loud chocking on the cold water and gasp for air even more.

Moving my head back and forth from directly under the water flow is interesting. Instant shivers as I submerge my head. Relatively comfortable with my head out of the direct water flow.

After a minute or so

I realise my body doesn’t feel so cold. The water certainly feels cold against my body. But I just focus on the breathing, grin and bare it a little, and enjoy the experience of total meditative presence… or perhaps it’s an out of body experience.

I push the gauge down a millimetre or two and feel the icy-ness of the slightly colder water and think enough’s enough.

Switching off the shower I feel like I’ve faced an important moment of returning to regular cold showers like I used to do.

Stepping out, toweling down and feeling my invigorated body makes me feel proud of my little dice-with-discipline, knowing I’ve done something significant for my health that most people couldn’t tolerate, with my resolve to continue such an awesome experience with my showers from now on.

I’m sure the second cold shower will be easier than the first.

PS. The picture is not of me. I might take one to show you someday soon 🙂

Here’s the article I read yesterday (recommended reading):

One of the best kept antiaging secrets is how cold showers can keep your skin glowing and radiant looking

EDIT: Today’s cold shower was the 3rd. I turned it all the way down to minimum temperature and was able to relax into it far more than that 1st day. Amazing how fast the body (and mind) can be gin to adapt.

1 thought on “Cold Water Showers – Bbbbbrrrrrrr-ssssooooo-good for you

  1. Started adding some cold thermogenesis myself to the end of my showers. So starting warm/hot, finishing icy cold. First time, 10 seconds of icy cold was more than enough. Second time, doubled that, and the third time stayed under and gritted my teeth to make it to 30 seconds. Each time I had my head directly under the icy cold stream and after about 25 seconds, it started to feel a little dangerously numb/tingling. Made it up to 45 seconds by the 5th shower (removing the head after 30 second mark to be safe) then took a few days off and now finding it difficult to coax myself back into ending the showers cold. Definitely feels exhilarating when you get out but I don’t feel any lasting noticeable effects the rest of the day but will try to focus more on how I feel with or without the cold finishes. Keep up the icy willpower Gav!

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