“Do You Want to Improve Your Sleep and Lose Weight Without Exercise!?”


The Ice-Face Challenge

1) Stick my face in a pan of ice cold water every night for 2 weeks.

2) By the end of the 2 weeks be able to submerge my face for no less than 1 minute in the ice water.

Adapting to Cold

The Ice-Face Challenge is a simple way to begin Cold Adapting your body, without having to endure the intensity of extended full body submersion in glacier temperature waters the likes of the legendary “Ice Man”, Wim Hof and other CT experts.


The Vagus Nerve Hub

The vagus nerve in your face is like a giant hub as it’s connected to nerves all over your body. Doing the Ice-Face Challenge is one of the easiest, least expensive, and least time consuming ways to get the nerves in your face Cold Adapted (comfortable in lower temperatures). This then passes on the benefits to the rest of your body, allowing you to withstand cold showers, full body ice baths, glacier lake swims, and the like with far greater ease.

So why would I agree to stick my face in ice water every night before bed?

Sleep gets harder as you get older

For a few years now, I have been hacking my Sleep. As many of you have likely experienced or read about on this blog in Gav’s epic Polyphasic Sleep Series:Gav Vs. Sleep“, as you age, Sleep becomes more difficult.

Some people have more trouble falling asleep, others have difficulty staying asleep. Still others simply can’t get the deep or regenerative REM Sleep needed to feel refreshed and full of energy to take on the next day’s challenges. Cold Adaptation and specifically lowering the body’s temperature before bed has been shown to increase Sleep quality and assist in many other facets of Sleep (to be detailed in an upcoming blog post).

I have experienced all of the above and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s something that I’ve been researching religiously to finally get a handle on in my life.

Living the Night Life

I live what most people call a Nocturnal lifestyle. When I am awake, much of the world (in my timezones at least), tend to be asleep. I attribute this to a combination of being born in the middle of the night, having spent time working around the clock shift work that switched times weekly and decades of semi-regular night shifts as a bartender. Even on days off my activities (sports like hockey or tennis) often go late into the night. When I return home and wind down or work on business projects or household duties or catch up with friends or sports news, I find myself rarely ready to turn in before dawn.

There are several issues that occur when you live this way. The main one is something called your Circadian Rhythm(s). Stay tuned for a future post detailing an experiment involving my Circadian Rhythms, Melatonin, and something called Schumann’s (or the Earth’s) Resonance. There is ample evidence that indicates that living this Nocturnal lifestyle for long periods of time can greatly contribute to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or more serious Depression.

Basically this means my mom is yet again right. Living this way, I need more sun exposure which translates to Vitamin D production as you can learn more about in my recent “To Mom with Love: The Sunshine Vitamin” post.

Potential Health Benefits from Frequent Cold Exposure and Gradual Adaptation to Cold

Better sleep

-Increased Thyroid function and BAT (brown adipose tissue) oxygen consumption by 450%.
-Increased energy expenditure

-Assists in fat loss.

-Increased leptin sensitivity

-Boosts strength

-Speeds wound healing


So, who wants to see me dunk my face in freezing cold water every night for 2 weeks!? Who has the coconuts to join me and Improve Sleep and maybe even Lose Weight Without Exercise!? I’ll be sure to share my results for anyone following or joining the challenge and if anything epic is discovered may make a special report available to those who want all the secrets and best hacks for a chillingly low temp—I mean price. 🙂

Vote HERE for Darren Vs. Cold Thermogenesis (CT) Part 1: “Ice-Face Challenge”.

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