Darren vs Grey Hair Part 1: “One Shade of Grey”

Yes I’m greying….. and as you can see I’m not too happy about it.

Ok it’s more than one shade and more on my beard than on my head but….

…It’s not what you think— I don’t care how it makes me look:

Sophisticated and Sexy














or  Old and Decrepit 


I care that it seems to be an outward expression of internal health. I look and feel healthier than ever but the greying of my hair seems to be contradicting that conclusion. So it’s dark hair again or bust!

I Declare War

That’s right, I’m declaring war on you, Shade of Grey. Bring it on old man, this time I’m ready for you.

After months of cruel and unusual punishme—I mean fascinating and unusual research, I have some weapons I think will shut you down, permanently.

Who wants to go to war with me!?

I’ll let you in on my findings and after the war, if I discover anything extra special, I may make a special report on my findings available for a short period of time at a ridiculously low price…stay tuned.  #DarrenVsGreyHair #35to65 #Making65TheNew35

About the author


Darren is a biohacker turned blogger. He is a serial entrepreneur, teacher and student, health and life-span researcher, uber-connector, and hub of resources. He's spent countless hours studying marketing, philosophy, technology, and health. He is focused on finding ways to turn back the clock ranging from cutting edge breakthroughs to little known practices of the ancients. After nearly a decade biohacking and tracking his progress, he is stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, and feeling better than at any time in his life and excited to share his secrets.