Shoes Schmoozing…

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes feel disconnected from the natural world around you?

Do you often get easily distracted by our instant notification man-made world of technology and social media?

Do you suffer from acute or chronic leg, joint, or back pain?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the answer to your problems might be closer than you think. In fact it might be right under your nos—I mean feet.


Man wasn’t born with shoes on his feet and it turns out there may be a good reason or ten why…

Would you like to see me bare it all– or at least all below my legs– in the aims of getting to the bottom (pun intended) of my lower extremities?

From Walking, Jogging, Skipping Rope, and Running, to Jumping, Climbing Trees, and Playing Leapfrog. Maybe even Martial Arts Training or Yoga or wait for it– Grounding or Earthing, and Dowsing!?

Yes, I’ll shed my shoes, socks (and maybe more) and barefoot trot the gamut for you to get to the root of the pain problems hiding in your shoes…

I’ll ask questions like:

Is there any legitimate reason (that transcends the marketing hype) to want to wear support or cushioning for your feet?

Are there any brands or types of “Minimalist” Footwear that mimic the benefits of barefoot and give you the best of both worlds?

Does going barefoot give you a stronger electromagnetic or spiritual connection to the earth?

What types of establishments don’t have a “No Shoes, No Service” policy and which ones will never let you in without footwear of some kind?

Could wearing footwear be causing more problems for your feet than it’s solving?

Is the human foot perfectly designed to walk or run on any surface without the aid of supportive footwear?

So sit down, relax, and unlace your shoes and come join me in taking the Darren vs Shoes 1 month Barefoot Challenge:

More details to follow shortly…

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