Fat makes you thin + 3 more equally shocking new Health Paradigms for 2016: “Could everything you’ve been taught about Health be wrong?”

Fat makes you thin.

Salt, Saturated Fats, and Cholesterol are Good for you.

Cardio could kill you.

Coconut Oil may be the answer to Diabetes and Heart Disease.


“Could everything you’ve been taught about Health be wrong?”


Buckle up for this one guys. It’s going to be a helluva ride. Now I’m not going to go into extreme detail in this Introductory post about these commonly held health beliefs. I’m just going to give you a taste here and maybe in the process give you some new food for thought…

In future blog posts though, I’ll go into more detail and talk about the why modern science is flipping a lot of people’s long held Health Paradigms upside down.

Let’s get started,



Health Myth 1 (FATS): Eating Fats makes you fat. To lose weight, seek a Low-Fat diet.

New Health Paradigm 1 (FATS): Eating Simple Carbs (Sugars)–NOT FATS– makes you fat. Eating Low-Fat “Diet” foods and beverages (filled with sugar/artificial sweeteners) will make you gain, not lose weight. To lose weight, increase your consumption of Healthy Fats and decrease your consumption of Simple Carbs (poured into most processed foods).



Health Myth 2 (SALT, SATURATED FATS, & CHOLESTEROL): Consuming Salt and Saturated Fats raises Cholesterol which contributes directly to clogged arteries and Heart Disease.

New Health Paradigm 2 (SALT, SATURATED FATS, & CHOLESTEROL): There is NO evidence that consuming Cholesterol-rich food contributes to heart disease. As Americans have cut back on Saturated Fat and Cholesterol-rich foods, rates of Heart Disease have gone UP, not down. Consuming Salt (Especially Unrefined Salts with lots of trace minerals) and producing Cholesterol is vital to a healthy and lengthy existence.



Health Myth 3 (CARDIO): Cardio is good for your heart. The more cardio the better.

New Health Paradigm 3 (CARDIO): Too much Cardio can lead to Alzheimers, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Premature Death.

After about 60 minutes of continuous moderate to intense exercise, damage accumulates to your heart. Walking or similar low intensity exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qigong are a much better choice if your goal is to simply live longer and strengthen your heart. If your goal is more performance related, choose a HIIT activity. High Intensity Interval Training where you go really hard for very short periods of time and then rest, rinse, and repeat. This has been shown to help weight loss, increase strength and endurance without damaging your heart.




Health Myth 4 (GLUCOSE): Your body needs Glucose (Carbs) to produce Energy. 

New Health Paradigm 4 (GLUCOSE): Your body (and especially your brain runs better on HEALTHY FATS (Ketone Bodies) like Coconut Oil than it does on Carbs (Glucose) like Pasta. Ketones are the new Glucose. Continuous spiking of blood sugar through consuming high levels of simple Carbs like breads, cereals, or pastas leads to decreased insulin resistance which ultimately develops into Diabetes and/or Heart Disease. If you can receive your energy and bypass the detrimental effects of using Carbs (to produce and then burn Glucose), by say eating Healthy Fats like Coconut Oil, Avocados, or something called a Ketone Body (or Ketone Salt) aka Beta-Hydroxy-Butyrate at a high enough ratio to produce a state of burning Fat for energy called “KETOSIS”, you can reduce your chance of developing Diabetes and/or Heart Disease. 


Ok, there you have it. Isn’t it time you went upside down to find the honest truth about your health!?

Yes, I will go into much more detail about these myths and shocking new Health Paradigms in blog posts soon and even invert myself in something called “INVERSION THERAPY” and show you why going upside down on more than just your Health Paradigm may be great for your health.

To your inverted health!

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