Why Cold Thermogenesis 

Cold Thermogenesis (or CT as it’s known) is one of the biggest trends in health and both Ancient Wisdom and Cutting Edge Modern Science have compelling reasons why…


The Yin/Yang Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

It’s All About Energy– I mean Yin Yang Harmony

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang (pronounced “yong”) are universal energies. Yin refers to the Feminine while Yang refers to all that is Masculine. A Female can have both Yin and Yang energies and likewise for a Male. On a body, the Upper Body is Yang and the Lower Body is Yin. The Interior is Yin while the Exterior is Yang. Also, the Front is Yin with the Back being Yang.


According to TCM, Health is achieved when Yin and Yang are in Harmony. In contrast, Disease and Physiological Disorders result from Yin Yang Disharmony. Disharmony refers to an unbalanced state where either Yin or Yang is more present than the other.

But Don’t Forget Your Qi


Qi or Chi (pronounced “chee”) is usually referred to as Vital Energy, Life Force, or Breath. For more on Qi, check out my previous post on Qigong here.

With a few basics out of the way, let’s now let’s get back to that Cold Thermogenesis thing…

Warming and Cooling Qi

At every moment one of Yin or Yang is outmaneuvering the other. Your body is constantly cycling between exerting Yin Qi or Yang Qi. Yin Qi is the type of Qi that your body uses to COOL you down and conversely Yang Qi is used to WARM you up. When your body has excess Yin, it tries to balance you by exerting more Yang and vice versa.

Your body feels COLD when you are low or deficient in Yang Qi


You body feels HOT or restless when you are low or deficient in Yin Qi.

Yang Qi Warms, Moves, and Protects

Cold Showers are influxes of Yin Qi and so cause your body to respond by producing more Yang Qi to warm you up.

Yang Qi stimulates your Immune System and thus is Protective Qi.

Basic Benefits of Increasing Yang Qi Through Cold Showers

  • you feel more energised
  • glowing skin
  • you feel more alert
  • increased warmth

For more of the many benefits of CT, see my earlier Ice Face Challenge Post here and Gav’s Brrr Cold Showers Post here

My bad! This post was supposed to cover the Modern Science side of Cold Showers too but it’s getting pretty long so I’ll cover that in Part 2 which you’ll be able to jump to “here” as soon as it’s completed. In the meantime I suppose I have created a Yin Yang Disharmony by only covering the one side of the coin so far.

PS…HydrotherapyCold/Ice Baths, and Glacier Swims to be dipped into soon as Gav and I continue to immerse ourselves in every chilling aspect of the health supercharging energy and science of Cold Thermogenesis. Stay tuned. Brrr….

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