“How I broke through my Brain Fog and Increased my Memory Recall Speed and Processing Ability with Methylation/B12 support”

Disclaimer: First of all, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet. All the information presented in this post is what I have researched for the past 7 months or so and for the most part tested on myself and believe to be true. It is always recommended that you start any new Health Protocol under the supervision or overseeing of a registered physician. I provide this information copy and pasted from the best sources I could find of people and physicians who have spent years testing these protocols on themselves and others/patients and pieced it all together into several simplified protocols that mirror what I’ve been using/testing on myself. I wish you all the best and want nothing but for you to feel stronger, healthier, and sharper/clearer with these methylation regimens, exactly what I want for myself too. 

Read on to learn about how Methylation can help you too….

Methylation Made Easy:Short Vid 1)

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START HERE by watching the above 3 vids. These 3 short videos explain the basics.

Starting a Methylation Healing Protocol:

Step 1) Begin taking a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement (WITH a B-vitamin complex or ideally all B-Vitamins EXCEPT folate or folic acid aka Vitamin B9. Even better if it has a base of FULVIC ACID and contains the form of Folate/B9 your body can readily use: METHYLFOLATE aka L-5MTHF (ideally 400 mcg twice/day = 800 mcg/daily). Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are recommended too.

Step 2) Blood Testing: 1) MMA test (MethylMalonic Acid)
                                     2) Vitamin b12 carrier test
                     (do not use serum b12-its useless, not intracellular)

Step 3) Add more sources/quantity of Potassium to your diet. (see bottom for list of high-potassium foods)

Step 4) Try small dose of Methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges (500-1000 mcg (micro-grams, not milligrams) to start). Always take as early as possible as it can be difficult to sleep if taken late in the day.

Note: If sublingual not working, can try liposomal delivery (most expensive, very effective)

Step 5) Watch for signs that it is having an effect. More energy, nervous energy, intermittent head pressure, increased clarity or focus, mood changes/swings from good to bad and back. These are all good signs that your b12 is low and/or you require some methylation healing.

Note: If experiencing any severe head pressure, severe mood changes, or any heart palpitations, stop treatment immediately and increase potassium consumption and/or niacin, see below:

What’s Happening?

When you start supplementing with Methylfolate and Vitamin B12 and other Methylation support nutrients (to be addressed in later email(s)):

Your Potassium levels can start tanking (going down fast). Why?

Because as B12 and methylfolate go UP,

DNA goes up, production and repair goes up,

Intestines (interocytes?) are going to finally start repairing,

(Lining in your gut completely repairs itself (is brand new) every 7 days).

you want to ensure you’re having a bowel movement every single day. (add probiotics to help with that)

Start slow and work your doses/regimen up.

More is not necessarily better. Evaluate how you are feeling that day. Some days you require more methylation support than others.

BALANCE is important.

Side Effects that could be experienced with Methylation:

Muscle pain (I had at the beginning and briefly at times when increasing dosages/materials)

Irritability (I had on and off)

Anxiety (I had on and off)

Depression (I had on and off)

Joint Pain (I had a bit of briefly)

Nausea (none experienced by me)

Headache (I had on and off head pressure, not full fledged head aches and mostly when increasing dosages)

Insomnia (I had a lot of)

Seizures (none experienced by me)

Vomiting (none experienced by me)

Stomach Pain (none experienced by me)

Sweating (I had a bit of now and then)

Hersheimer Reaction (I had some feelings of symptoms getting worse, ie apathy, depression, brain fog at times)

Rash (I might have had a day or two with slight rashes but they were gone the following day if so)

Hypokalemia (I experienced a lot of this and increased his eating of bananas and drinking organic raw coconut water)

Palpitations (none experienced by me)

Ways to mitigate side effects asap,

1. Consider 50-100mg nicotinic acid or nianicinamide every 30mins to an hour. Use as needed only.

2. Consider 250mg of liposomal curcumin to help quench inflammation. Use caution with high dosages.

(Note: I did NOT have symptoms severe enough to require above two side-effect mitigations)

Potassium Levels

Why do Potassium levels drop during Methylation Healing?

Lowered Potassium levels. Why? Increased folate increases DNA production which requires higher Potassium (K) demand.

Use Potassium Chloride or Potassium Gluconate or Neutralize. Consider 700mg twice daily or as needed.

Safest is supplementing with High Potassium foods such as:

Apricots, Avocados, Dates, Carrot Juice, Almonds, Baked Beans, Lima Beans, Potatoes.

Other foods with potassium: Raw Organic Coconut Water, Bananas


This is why I typically recommend people to start out first with methylcobalamin, then introduce methylfolate, then pyridoxal-5-phosphate, then add in riboflavin-5-phosphate along with TMG. This stimulates the methylation cycles into action without absolutely firing on all cylinders.

More Supporting Nutrients for MTHFR

1. L-5-MTHF (Methylfolate)

2. Riboflavin (B2)

3. Methylcobalamin (or Hydroxocobalamin) and Adenosylcobalamin

4. Zinc

5. DHA

6. Choline

7. TMG

8. Healthy Protein

9. Magnesium

10. SAMe

11. Pyridoxine (B6)

12. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

13. Vitamin E

14. Selenium

15. Glutathione (Reduced or Oxidized? You want to know how much REDUCED Glutathione you have)

16. Vitamin C

17. Potassium (Measure intracellular Potassium levels, not Serum levels).

18. Probiotics

19. Molybdenum

20. Milk Thistle (Silymarin)

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