In my previous series (and live presentation) on Personal Telomeromics , I posted about what Telomeres are (jump back here for a quick refresher here), how they may affect the Aging and Disease process, and how future research and trials involving a recently discovered enzyme (a little publicized discovery that received a Nobel Prize in Medicine back in 2009) that protects and elongates your Telomeres called Telomerase may be able to help “Turn Back The Clock” and start to reverse aging or essentially rejuvenate a person.

Yes, that means “Make You Younger”!

Can You Really Get Younger With Telomerase?

Yes, this sounds pretty incredible but Telomeres have been widely studied now for over a decade by the mainstream (and fringe) scientific community and garage scientists alike. Most agree that short (or more specifically Critically Short) Telomeres seem to be intricately involved in why we age and then become increasingly susceptible to Age-Related Diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease to name just a few.

In this image of a Chromosome, the Telomeres are highlighted in green. (Wikimedia)

Telomeres are being measured (see Testing Telomeres) before and after attempts to affect them were made using Nutrition, Behaviors (like Meditation), and now for the first time Gene Therapy and have shown positive results in many cases. So what is a positive result? In the case of “Patient Zero” (Liz Parrish of BioViva), it means turning back the clock an astounding 20 years in 6 months!!

Reversing Aging? (Note: This is not Liz Parrish but merely an example of what MAY be possible with Telomerase Technology/Therapy in the Future)

Getting Back 20 Years Of Your Life In 6 Months

Before we take a closer look at Liz Parrish’s experiment, let’s imagine for a minute what being able to reverse 20 years of your life could mean to you and your family and the world as a whole…

Maybe like me you always wanted to visit strange far away elevations like Reykjavik, Iceland or explore the murky depths of The Mariana’s Trench (world’s deepest body of water referenced here in my recent Youtube Video on our sister blog, ,

Experience a Full Moon Party in Thailand or finally accept a long ago invitation to catch an ethereal Sunrise in Marseilles on the Cote D’Azur with a much too long forgotten friend Julie.

Did the travel bug pass you by but like me you always seek to Upgrade Yourself?

Do you jump at opportunities to learn new skills like 3d Modelling, a Sport like Tennis or Kite Boarding, or an ancient Martial art like Shaolin Kung Fu?

Or a spoken language like Japanese or how to Write (Computer) Code or…

Dare I say a Majestic Symphony:

Whatever it is that you couldn’t or wouldn’t make time for 20 years ago because other priorities or simply life got in the way, now you get another chance at…

and perhaps another…

and another…

and so on indefinitely…

but I’m getting ahead of myself now so let’s stick to say getting 20 years of your life back ok?

What would you do with that?

Imagine the feeling for a minute…

Would it be like Winning the Lottery…

Or striking Oil…

Or maybe Gold–

Except it would actually be better than all 3 combined!

Since what you’d actually be striking…

Is the most precious resource we as mortal human beings have:


Our lives may be a tiny speck in the multiverse of cosmic-time but to us, those 75-120 ish (the current widely accepted longest living person Jeanne Louise Calment (France) was 122 – years is a lifetime, is all we have got.

So if we could somehow add back another 20-25% of our time in this universe in 6 months, I think most of us would be all over it.

The Liz Parrish Telomerase (Turn Back The Clock) Gene Therapy Experiment: “Becoming a Human Guinea Pig” 

According to The Free Dictionary,

Gene Therapy can be defined as: The treatment of certain medical disorders, especially those caused by genetic anomalies or deficiencies, by introducing specific engineered genes into a patient’s cells.”

AAV Gene Therapy

Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva is a bold person, by anyone’s account.

Liz Parrish

Being the first person to do a radical new experiment on human beings (that had only previously been attempted on insects or animals) by injecting ideas designed to essentially Reverse Aging takes…

A strong set of Beliefs and…

Confidence to go where no one has dared to go before.

Being a human guinea pig by injecting yourself into the subject role of such an experiment takes…

A strong set of Beliefs,

Confidence to go where no one has gone before,

And a serious set of Kahun– I mean Courage!

Liz Parrish decided to introduce specific engineered genes designed to produce or “turn on” Telomerase in her body with the aim of decreasing the shortening and ultimately even lengthening her Telomeres.

Telomere Length appears to have a direct or indirect correlation to Age. Thus by lengthening her Telomeres, Liz would be essentially Reversing the Aging Process and getting younger—at least that’s if everything went right and if Telomeres really turn out to be a primary Biological Clock for our Cells.

In 2012 this experiment was first set up in mice by Maria Blasco et al, using Adeno Viruses to lengthen Telomeres in mice. On average the treated mice lived longer and showed no increased cancer rates (see Telomerase and Cancer).

Dr. Maria Blasco

Liz Parrish Got Younger!

As quoted in the above article, these were results of leukocyte telomere mean length by quantitative PCR method  “at SpectraCell Laboratories in Houston.  When SpectraCell ran the same test on her cells in March, the telomere length went from 6,710 DNA base pairs to 7,330 base pairs.”

So assuming the correlation between increasing Telomere Lengths, Liz Parrish essentially got younger…

Or Did She?

According to the one of the world’s leading researchers on Telomeres and Telomerase, Dr Ed Park (who actually interviewed Liz Parrish below), we should take the number of 20 years younger with at least a couple grains of unrefined sea salt.

Dr Park says it is estimated that Telomeres shorten by 50-200 base pairs per division (and per year). The 50 base pair estimate was the one chosen to represent the change leading to the calculated result.

Approx. 600 base pairs divided by 50 bp per year= 20 Years of Telomere shortening reversed.  Dr Park says you could just as easily make the argument that she only reversed 3 years of Telomere Shortening if you choose the 200 base pairs per estimate.

He does add there was likely a genuine change in Telomere Length since the data appears to have been validated by two other independent labs but cautions that the type of Telomere Measuring used in the experiment, qPCR is not the best testing with which to measure Telomere Lengths and doesn’t take into account other important factors like # of Critically Short Telomeres that tests LifeLength do. He recommends (and uses in his practice) LifeLength as the Gold Standard to date for Testing Telomeres.

Another concern he raised is that with Gene Therapy there is a danger of not being able to “take the foot off the accelerator” should the road ahead begin to look hazardous. He contrasts this with taking a Telomerase Activator (Natural or Synthetic Supplement) or partaking in an “action” like Meditation (shown to correlate to reduced Telomere Shortening) where you can simply “Slow down and Coast for awhile” should you desire.

Dr. Park concludes by adding there are many confounding factors which could account for Liz’s results and the purpose of randomization, blinding, and placebo controlling is to allow those factors to cancel each other out since we admittedly can’t know all of their inter-related effects. Finally he muses that “We don’t know what we don’t know” in that we aren’t even at the stage with Gene Therapy where we know the right questions to ask regarding “Telomere Length Regulation, Stem Cell Ecology, and Genetic and Epigenetic changes that accumulate in the absence of normal senescence from induced supranormal stem cell longevity.”

Ok, so we don’t know all the Telomerase Gene Therapy Answers —or even the Questions yet but TIME will likely tell if we truly are “on the brink of the most powerful medicine known to mankind…”

What do you think?

Is Telomerase Gene Therapy the answer to getting younger?

Would you like to learn more about the coming applications of game changing Exponential Technologies like Crispr and Synthetic Biology?

For more on the above and “How Our Life Styles and Choices Might Evolve As Technology Advances”, check out our sister blog:


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