Why do you want to sleep only 2 hours per day Gav?

Isn’t it bad for your health?

…surely it’s bad for your health!

So came the questions and comments.

After reading various sites and blogs on polyphasic sleep cycles (like how the Spanish sleep 5 hours at night and take an afternoon siesta) I’m ready to begin the experiment.

Having had 7 hours sleep last night and 4 the night before (so not an ideal start), my first step in moving away from monophasic sleep (single sleep per day) is to stay awake for between 24 hours and 36 hours — until I break through the wall of sleepiness and get a ’second wind’ of energy.

That seems to be when the body gives up giving you signals that you’re knackered.

At that point I am considered ‘sleep deprived’. No kidding, right?

And I then begin (attempt) to take 20 minute naps every 2 hours for 3 or 4 days until that has become somewhat comfortable (quite ambiguous I know).

The 20 minute naps are supposed to provide me with the much needed REM deep sleep cycle.

24 hours of sleep deprivation supposedly triggers the body to jump straight into REM the moment I start napping.

(This effect means I can get away with sleeping 2 to 4 hours per night and still maintain sufficient regeneration that monophonic provides from 7 hours sleep.)

After a few days of 20 minute naps every 2 hours I should be able to move to 20 minutes naps every 4 hours.

Then I’m home free and will have passed the adaptation phase.

My energy and alertness will supposedly return and I will decide a napping schedule to continue.

But for the next 7 or so days I can expect to be……. well, chronically tired a lot and perhaps not very cognitively functional (zombified).

This morning I woke at 7am. It’s 7.25am as I write this.

Staying awake 24 to 36 hours means I can start napping somewhere between tomorrow 7am and 7pm.

I’ll journal the experience.

I’ll also attempt to read and write although I’m not sure how well that will go…

Besides that, I will seek ways to entertain myself any which way I can to stay awake.

Just another 23.5 hours to go before I can consider taking my first 20 minute nap.

Here we go.

(continue: Polyphasic Sleep Day 2)

2 thoughts on “Polyphasic Sleep – Day 1

  1. Kudos to my man Gav on attempting to “Beat Sleep”. Sleep—er nap well and be safe. Regaining control of hours usually required to be spent unconscious is priceless so anyone who’s ever wanted more time in their life is surely rooting you on!

    With that kind of innumerable support and our ongoing encouragement in these comments, we can help Gav maintain the willpower and strength to BEAT SLEEP! #BeatSleep #GavVsSleep

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