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Split into 4 complete modules, you’ll find out:

  1. The real facts about what’s causing your insomnia…
  2. How to fall asleep quickly…
  3. How to start sleeping regularly again…
  4. And how to sleep deeply.
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As a young teenager I suffered from chronic insomnia. Many nights spent lying wide awake, watching the sky turn darker and then lighter as morning approached. Knowing that as the alarm would go off around 7am I would want nothing more than to close my eyes knowing that I could sleep easily. But at 2am my brain just wouldn’t switch off.

Fortunately I’m way past that stuck state now in my mid-30s. Although I feel for anyone with insomnia symptoms like I had. If you try the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol, let me know and I’ll also be happy to get on the phone with you for a coaching call to help you clarify some of the main issues that may be stopping your brain from triggering the sleep-switch.

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