Telomerase Activation for Optimum Cell Replication

Telo Essence/Ultra Essence (Primal Force) (Have in possession but haven’t started yet) TA-65 Product B (new name? – see Bill Andrews Ben Greenfield 2019 podcast)LivLong Telomere Stabilizer (Finlandia Health)May 2019 Human Trial product – see Bill Andrews Ben Greenfield 2019 podcast)Zen MeditationTummo Meditation Blueberries Phosphatidylserine Phosphatidylcholine Milk Thistle Green Tea (Matcha)

Getting Started

The quest for peak vitality is not a pipe-dream. It’s an urgent dilemma for modern man and woman. Urgent because health fades fast if not looked after as we age. And a dilemma, because sustainable peak vitality is at odds with today’s modern lifestyle of work, stress, and a multitude of unhealthy distractions. It begins …