Take headache pills, eat junk food and stay up late watching movies…

Just kidding.

When the body is sick, you can give it support to detox, heal and rejuvenate through nutrition and certain activity.

Here’s what I do when I feel unwell.


  • As fresh as possible, with a variety of fruits, salads and vegetables.
  • Only probiotic plain natural dairy.
  • No refined sugar, no processed foods and no wheat. These things drain the body and feed infection.
  • No meat. Too heavy for the body to process during the height of sickness.


  • I focus on Vitamin C rich fruits like orange and grapefruit.
  • I make fresh ginger tea.
  • I gargle apple cider vinegar (helps with sore throat). And also drink a tablespoon full.
  • I also take fresh crushed garlic mixed in something to make it palletable (such as honey or chopped apple). Garlic is a potent anti-biotic (without negative side effects, apart from keeping Vampires and lovers away).  Garlic on an empty stomach would make me vomit so I drink a couple of big glasses of water before taking the garlic and then sip some more to help my stomach settle if necessary.


  • I drink a lot of water. But when I’m sick, I drink even more. Most people are not used to drinking water. They sip. They pull a face. Personally I love water. And even if I didn’t, I would still drink a lot of it when sick because of helps carry out toxins from the body and thus supports recovery and healing.


  • I sleep earlier, and I take extended naps in the afternoon. Sleep lets the body focus on recovery.


  • I do some light exercise such as bouncing, or arm swings. Here’s a video to demonstrate lymph cleansing exercise that will get things moving and aid detox.


Pic shows my shopping when I got sick in Canada 2014…


I had just moved into an AirBnB. The owner had moved out of that room, and during his big clean up must have stirred some very violent bacteria and became sick. He was in hospital for a week possibly requiring a throat operation because of how bad the infection was. I got sick as soon as I moved in to his empty and ‘clean’ room. I was mostly better within a few days and I put it down to my active approach with the elements outlined above.

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