After my first post on Water, “What The Bleep is Water!?”, hopefully I whetted your appetite to really dig down deep and explore the oceans of knowledge on this commonly misunderstood and frequently under-appreciated miracle we call Water and the vital role it plays in our Health and Longevity.

So let’s dive right in and explore a type of Water, one you may have heard both good and bad things about. So without further adieu let’s get started on our journey to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with this strange substance called Alkaline/Ionized/Electrically Reduced Water.



Alkaline/Ionized/Electrically Reduced Water…

Snake oil or Miracle elixir?

I’ll explore all the Ins and Outs of Alkaline Ionized Water in much more detail in a post or special report coming soon.


Meanwhile, we all know Hydration is Vital to Optimizing Health and Longevity and there’s a lot of research out now showing that consuming Alkaline Ionized Water may be the Grand Daddy of Health and Longevity Secrets.


Here’s 4 things people look at when choosing an Alkaline Ionized Water to drink:


High pH (Potential of Hydrogen)….

Neutralized by stomach acids or Beneficial to keeping your body in the Slightly Alkaline state optimal to Health?

This is another topic I will delving deeper into soon but for now…


The pH scale measures Acidity (or Alkalinity) or Hydrogen atom (H+) (or Hydroxide Molecule (OH-) concentration and ranges from 1-14, with 1 being the Most Acidic, or having the highest concentration of H+ or likewise the lowest concentration of OH- and 14 having the opposite properties. Dead smack in the middle at 7, or Neutral is where or about where we find most of our everyday drinking Water (unless of course you live in a rural area and regularly get your water from freshwater streams, glacier lakes, or natural springs. In that case your water is likely to have picked up more trace Alkaline Minerals and thus have a higher pH and be more alkaline). A really important detail to note about the pH scale is that it is LOGARITHMIC, meaning it goes up exponentially, in Powers of 10. So each time you move up or down the scale 1 full notch, you are increasing or reducing the Alkalinity (or Acidity) 10 times. Thus a pH measurement of 8 is ten times more Alkaline than a pH measuring 7 and 100 times more Alkaline than a pH of 6.

Measuring pH can be done with pH strips or Digital pH Monitors.


A great detailed explanation of pH can be found here:





Smaller/Micro Clusters….

Size matters, Size doesn’t matter, or Size is merely a commonly repeated myth?

According to Tyler Lebaron of

“There are no valid and reputable scientific studies that support it (only ones that refute it)”

Having read through his 4 page evaluation visible on his site above (go to Core Knowledge page and then click on the links marked Microclustering…) , I am inclined to agree. Moving on…


High ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)….

Solid indicator of Anti-Oxidant levels or Inaccurate measurement of Anti-Oxidant power?

ORP is measured in Positive or Negative numbers, with the HIGHER POSITIVE (+320)  numbers meaning MORE OXIDATION and the LOWER NEGATIVE (-750) numbers indicative of MORE REDUCTION (or MORE ANTI-OXIDANT POWER).

(Don’t worry, I’ll talk leagues more in an upcoming post about “The Goods and the The Bads of the Anti-Oxidant Craze’s Role in the Free Radical Theory of Aging”)

ORP can be measured with a Digital ORP meter or Potentiometer (Voltmeter).

Water produced from Electrolysis, Ionized Water, and other Hydrogen Infused Waters exhibit a Negative ORP.  In Alkaline Ionized Water, ORP measures from -100 to -900 ORP (Milivolts (mV)).

Both raising PH and increasing H2 (Molecular Hydrogen Gas) can make the ORP more negative. Thus a Negative ORP is merely an indicator of the presence of H2 and not a valid measurement of the concentration at all.

Also important to note is that once the Water reaches around pH 9.5, it can no longer be used to even estimate H2 concentration or compare between two different Water solutions.


High H2 Concentration….

Meaningless Measurement or THE ONE & ONLY way to precisely measure the Anti-Oxidant power of water?


I’ve recently purchased and begun testing for H2 concentration with a brand new product (previously not available for purchase by individuals) that may soon be the product that everyone wants to test the therapeutic value of their Water with.

Much Much More on H2 and its methods of production and testing coming soon….. Stay Tuned.


More next time as our Water-blogged journey to the depths of H2O and it’s sunken healing treasures continues….

(If you missed part 1, “What the Bleep is Water!? “,  you can drink it up again here.)


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