It’s 3 months since my opening post on this site.

So I’m 3 months older…

Quarter of a year closer to 65…

…and I feel younger!

No, I haven’t taken a faddish new anti-aging supplement…

(although I did take sheep placenta capsules for a few months last year)

And no, I haven’t joined a triathlon team either…

Bottom line, I’ve gone back to basics.

In fact:

I’m visiting various organic farms and eco-communities in Europe, learning permaculture and getting involved with animal care and gardening.

Moving hay with a pitchfork to feed cows every day for 2 weeks — what a deep work out!

(pictures soon 🙂

It’s way different to my previous lifestyle of regular office work, where my right elbow became ‘clicky’, my neck was often stiff, my legs tight — you know, generally not feeling my best…

And in just a few weeks, doing a couple hours day-to-day in the gardens, I’m feeling MUCH better in my body.

Even my elbow feels much better.

I’m not supplementing, although part of my mission for this blog is to investigate all of the possible supplement variations that exist.

My current take is that if you’re not drinking plenty of clean water daily, doing calisthenic exercise to keep the hips, spine and other joints strong, and not eating clean fresh natural foods, the supplements probably won’t do much to extend health.

Could be wrong… I’ll find out.

For now though, it’s all about the basics.

So what does 3 months of aging feel like?

It feels as though our aging process is largely under our direct control — based on what we choose to do day-by-day. Our activity, food, water, and sleep.

More soon.

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