How a 5-6 Day/Week McDonalds Eater Became a WELL OILED Health Machine!

YES it’s true, I had my own table at McDonalds (well not quite but I might as well have). Growing up in a single parent family and living with my mom, if my younger brother and I didn’t like what was on the menu that night, we would sneak off afterwards and fill up on 20 McNuggets each (the old, less healthy dark “meat” type), a super size orange soda drink each, and share super sized fries.

Often we would even top that diet of death off with a sugar packed Candy Blizzard dessert at Dairy Queen. Things were even worse on our Sports Days.  On the way, between, or after soccer and hockey games, my father would take us to “energy up” on McDonalds or for these amazing delectable Apple, Sugar, and Cinnamon Pannekoeks at De Dutch Panneokoek House that filled a huge oval plate. I used to order mine without the apple (the only healthy ingredient save the cinnamon) and then we would take turns lathering tons of whipped cream and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream all over our plates before we topped it all off with gobs of Real Maple Syrup. If that wasn’t bad enough, we would wash it all down with regular milk, which Dad would “enhance” for us with spoonfuls of his caffeinated coffee saturated with cream and sugar. We had even been known to put chocolate milk in our Sugar Breakfast Cereals at times for extra sweetness.

It wasn’t long before I was living off of caffeinated coffee with lots of cream and no less than 10 teaspoons of sugar! Did I mention the only vegetable I ate regularly growing up was lettuce (and the occasional celery stalk with some orders of deep fried hot wings). Yes, we weren’t your average SAD (Standard American Diet) family living in Canada. We were much much worse. So when everyone around us started talking Health and Wellness and Nutrition, I figured I’d require something a tad more effective than Crossfit or TaeBo. Yes, instead of lining up with my friends to go to Boot Camp to exact big changes in my body, I went to Biohacker camp to exact huge changes in all aspects of my life.

After nearly a decade biohacking (searching out the best and most effective health shortcuts and solutions and testing them on myself) and tracking my progress, getting more detailed and daring with each coming year, I am stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, and feeling better (post 35) than at any time in my life. Life wasn’t always this way. When I reached 25 years old, what should be the beginning of my prime condition (physically and mentally), my body started to show extreme signs of wear and tear. After many years of inexplicable flawless performance throughout high intensity sports like hockey, soccer, tennis, and skiing combined with a nearly exclusive fast-food/junk food/heavy sugar and processed foods diet, it was inevitable that my body would reach that breaking point sooner than later. Tearing my knee ligaments (MCL and Meniscus) was followed by a car accident after which I endured near-constant debilitating back and shoulder pain for years. My condition steadily got worse, exacerbated by hockey hits and repeated lifting while bartending, I began using alcohol to numb the back and shoulder pain. As you can probably imagine awful leaky gut issues ensued, stress and anxiety, low-sex drive, apathy, depression, trouble with maintaining focus, brain fog and slowness, and even intermittent numbing and tingling (neurological symptoms) in my extremities occurred–all for the first time in any significant capacity. I knew I had to make some changes fast. After extensive research I started with my DIET.

(Click here to see how I transformed and then supercharged my DIET to glean more energy with less calories)  


My MIssion: 

Learn, Perform, Exceed

I want to keep learning more about how my body and mind work and how to help them work better and reach new levels of performance and then share this powerful new information (and products) with my friends, family, and extensive network of work associates, acquaintances, and customers. 


What Motivates Me?

Turning Back the Clock

The desire to “turn to back the clock” and get all of the benefits of my youth back and then teach others how to do the same indefinitely is what motivates me every day. With all the advancements in technology and unprecedented access and speed of information, I believe it is not a matter of IF I will get back my youth, but rather a question of WHEN. I have many goals and experiences I want to live and the old model of 30 or so “good years” and then disease after disease til death isn’t going to cut it for me so it’s time to learn how to hack my life in every way possible to achieve the maximum performance in the shortest period of time. I invite you to join us… and feel and live happier and healthier than you ever imagined.




My Interests:  

Hockey, Tennis, Health, Anti-Aging, Biohacking, NY Times Crossword Puzzles, Skiing, Qi Gong, Teaching, Learning, Philosophy, Hoverboarding.


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