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Mission Alpha

Retain The Health Of My '30s' All The Way Through To My '60s' 

If you're 35 to 50 and still fairly fit and healthy, pursue our radical maintenance protocol

Mission Omega

Regain The Health Of My '30s' Now I'm In My 40s, 50s, 60s Or Beyond

If you're older, or just feel like you are, regain the vigor of your youth with our radical rejuvenation protocol

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Please start me from the bare bones basics and catch me up to speed quickly!

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Attitude


I'm beyond the basics but save me the intricate details. Just give me the broad brush strokes of radical health.

  • Cleansing
  • Nutrition
  • Behaviors


I'm ready for a deep dive on ingredients, quantities, frequencies, contra-indications, combinations, & more.

  • Measurements
  • Combinations
  • Gizmos


Radical Maintenance

Without taking urgent self-responsibility for maintaining your health, all the pills, potions, apps and technology can do nothing for you.

Radical health maintenance starts from the basics:

  • Rest & Cleansing
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Exercise


Radical Rejuvenation

Due to the degradation of your body’s cellular replication processes, aging increasingly takes its toll on your vitality, ability to recover from stress, exercise or injury, and everyone around you can see it.

The best news in human history is that radical health extension is on the horizon.

Your job as a 40, 50 or 60+ man or woman is to ride the wave of radical rejuvenation as technology, products and services progress.

  • Step 1: Stop Causing Unnecessary Damage
  • Step 2: Fortify Your Body’s Natural Ability To Rejuvenate
  • Step 3: Make Use Of New Methods For Radical Rejuvenation


Radical Vitality

Remember your vitality during early 20’s? Through the rise of radical health technologies, our vitality will surpass even that of our youthful prime.

  • Extreme exercise
  • Vitality tests
  • Living life to the max


Our Mission: “To make 65 the new 35”

How? By adding years to your life while simultaneously adding life to your years.

Plan: aims to become your one stop destination to honest cutting edge health and longevity information, news, strategies, breakthrough technologies, and anti-aging products.

Modus Operandi: We provide unprecedented access to the tools and information that allow you to take back control of your health and aging and then hack your body, brain, and spirit for optimal health, performance, and happiness.

One Man Two Men.

3 Decades.

An unheard of goal.

To have the same level of health at 65 as I we did at 35. 


Gavriel says:

And there’s nothing like giving myself a nice head start… so at 34 as of the launch of the site, I have almost a year head start to orient myself around the task at hand, ready to begin the countdown in September 2015.

I’ll cover absolutely everything and anything related to maintaining, restoring and rejuvenating health. With a focus on male health but there’ll be plenty for da ladies too…


Darren says:

3 years into the race, at 38 I am a perpetual student biohacker with no time to lose. is the dynamic digital vehicle I will use to hack my body, genetic code, mind, and spirit to ultimately attain optimal performance in all areas of my life.

From radical health experiments to the latest breakthroughs in nutrition or anti-aging, there will be something for everyone. So come root us on to a life-LONG journey to vibrant health, wellness, and youth as we age and “I’ll c you when you c me….”


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