Feeling goooood.

It’s quite surprising how good I feel given the lack of sleep these past days.

Today I shifted from naps every 2 hours to every 4 hours, starting at 6am, so I napped next at 10am, then 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and just now at 2am.

I’m groggy. But surprisingly good.


The most interesting thing of note today is about the sleep experience itself.

It’s happened several times that when the alarm sounds after 25 minutes I feel I’m in fact already awake and not sleeping… that I’m already ‘up’. This gives me the cognitive impression that I should stop the ‘false alarm’… at which point I open my eyes so as to locate the iPad… and at that point realize I was in fact ‘dreaming’… or ‘asleep’… and then for the next 30 seconds or so having sat up I still very much feel the dream world I was just in before the alarm sounded…

Strange. And definitely a different dream-scape experience than normal.

Perhaps a gateway to Lucid dreaming, which is reported as likely with polyphasic sleep.

Health Status

My body feels a little bit like the days after having been ill or doing a few day detox diet, as the illness/detox has ended but the body has been left somewhat delicate after a release of toxins. And I feel a bit cold.

Still a sense of groggy pressure in my head. Ears have had slight sharp pains in them (also reminiscent of the beginning or after-effects of infection).

I may in fact be detoxing a little bit as I have changed my diet to be squeaky clean.

I just need to keep drinking lots of water. And I very much look forward to starting on my nutritional supplement solution (which seems to have every possible ingredient packed into one formula) which I will start on Wednesday on arrival to Romania for a writing trip.

At this point I would not recommend attempting polyphasic sleep without nutritional support and a very clean diet.

It’s now 3am and my next nap is 6am.

These are hours that I never normally have available.

What to do with them….

Sleep Crash

Ok so last night and today was really hard! Napping 25 mins every 4 hours literally means ~2 hours of sleep spread across the 24 hour day.

I had kept on schedule until now, and just had a second ‘crash’ of uncontrollably over sleeping…

My nap time was 10am and I woke at 11.30. That’s a 25 mins scheduled nap plus an extra 65 minutes of sleep giving me a 1.5 hour total nap time.

A 1.5 hour nap would be considered a ‘core sleep’ and fits the ‘official’ methodology. I had in mind to take a planned 40 minute nap later today if I still felt super groggy. And upgrade to a luxurious 1.5 hours late tonight if the 40 minute didn’t help resolve the chronic deficit.

Having had the 1.5 hour unplanned core sleep, I really feel great again.

Which is remarkable if you consider that:

  • The past day I’ve slept just 2 hours total
  • The previous few days I’d napped 6 hours total per day
  • The day before that I didn’t sleep for 31 hours
  • And just before that I’d felt knackered after a 4 hour night sleep

I think feeling this good (mentally clear, very minimal internal head pressure) as of 1.30pm today really helps to validate the short-term effectiveness and relative ease of adapting to a much reduced total sleep time.

Eyes particularly blood shot? Terrible dark circles?


Not really, if you consider this is quite a close up and that I often look tired even after fairly regular nights of 7 hour sleep so this photo is not that bad at all. (although my eye lids do look a darker purple than normal). It’s not makeup from last night — I swear!

Normally, if I tried sleeping the reduced hours I’ve had now, my eyes would definitely look far more chronically knackered than they do in this close up photo.

The experiment presses onwards!

My next nap time is scheduled for 2pm, in just 20 minutes. I wonder if I’ll easily nap this time or not, given that I’ve just had that 1.5 hour core sleep.

2pm nap was good. Quickly down into the dream-scape for the full 25 mins.

(continue: Polyphasic Sleep, Day 7)

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