…Head bobbing up-and-down as my consciousness slips into sleep and scramble back into as much wakefulness as I could muster…

…very hard work between 4am and 8am fighting to stay awake…

Changing activity helps: light exercise, electronic music, pacing the room, focusing on reading.

Today, my overall feeling is like I’ve slept late for a couple nights in a row…

…while in fact I’ve slept a total of 2 or 3 hours per day for the past couple days and 4 or 5 hours for a few days before that, starting with 31 hours of no sleep at all.


Normally when I don’t sleep enough for a few days my eyes sting a lot. Now it’s just very slight, yet in terms of quantity hours slept this past week I am ‘extremely sleep deprived’.

I have noticed my body seems more sensitive to mild injury. For example, I knocked my hand on an unforgiving wooden chair earlier and my hand throbbed for longer than I would have expected.

Bumped into a friend (whose been reading my polyphasic sleep blogs) and we had a good catch up which delayed my 6pm nap by 30 minutes and I think I feel drowsy from the delay, like having jet lag from a couple hours time difference.

He said I do look tired but not terrible — gee thanks dude 🙂

My goal is to maintain a precise schedule of napping 20 mins every 4 hours at least for a couple more weeks until the adaptation phase is in the bag — and then experiment with flexibility in the nap schedule.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the struggle to stay awake that I expect to endure again tonight. Looking forward (hoping) that it will get easier very soon.

I’ll report back when I have something new.

1 thought on “Polyphasic Sleep, Day 7 (nodding off, minor injuries and schedule disruptions)

  1. Hi Gav!
    Just Keep going with this great experiment! I am reading your notes daily. How is your concentration level btw ur nap times btw 1-10? Do you feel distracted? Do you sense any conflict between your biological clock and your experiment?

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