Da Vinci, Jefferson, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Bucky Fuller, Edison (pictured) and others were all nappers…

They napped at different intervals and slept less at night.

I’ve always been frustrated at my apparent body’s need for 8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis…

…otherwise I feel groggy, or worse.

But there is hope!

A modern approach to ‘napping’ called the Uberman Cycle involves 20 to 30 minute naps taken every 4 to 6 hours (or whenever the pull to sleep occurs, just like bathroom breaks).

The trouble, apparently, is the 10 day transition period where people report feeling ‘like zombies’.

But the benefits out weight the negatives.

Imagine gaining 6 hours extra time each day, to achieve more, learn more, create more, review more, become more.

And no, there’s no evidence to show that for people who achieve the polyphasic sleep pattern, that they experience negative effects on their health.

Providing the naps are taken when the body indicates (around every 4 to 6 hours) people report feeling healthier, more energized, more alert and creative than ever before.

In fact, polyphasic sleep is more natural than monophasic.

Babies have polyphasic sleep cycles, and so do many animals.

As well as the Spaniards with their Siestas…

Just as our recent ancestors did a hundred years ago while living off the land in their own farms. Up at the crack of dawn to work. Sleep mid-day, then up again for the evening.

Despite the 10 day zombie transition reported as being extremely hard to endure, I’m well up for the challenge as I want that extra time and also the creative benefits as demonstrated by inventors like Da Vinci and Edison.

I’ll begin the transition in a few weeks once I return briefly to London UK, and I’ll report on progress.

I’ll then be in Romania for a month or so writing a course on communication and relationships, where I hope to benefit from the polyphasic sleep cycle. The Uberman Cycle.

Steve Pavlina has a very compelling log of his 5.5 month polyphasic sleep experiment which he seems to have quit due to loneliness during the night.

(continue: Polyphasic Sleep Day 1)

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